About Premier Corporate Relocation Services

Premier Corporate Relocation Services is an independent, privately owned company specialising in delivering a fully integrated relocation service within the UK. We work conscientiously and continue to strive to exceed our clients’ expectations with excellence in relocation, offering our professional knowledge and personal service. Our clients find that using Premier Corporate Relocation Services has been of increasing benefit with meeting budgets, targets and service challenges.

Global Mobility Management with Local Expertise

We have always responded to meet the unique requirements of international relocation and assignment management. These complexities require local expertise, global knowledge, creative solutions and flexible policy assistance. Every company has their budgets under scrutiny and the climate has become increasingly challenging for Corporate Relocation Managers, whilst for many businesses the need for global mobility management continues to increase.

Specialists in Employee and Family Relocation

Often the employee required to relocate is married, with a young family, making schooling and partner employment all important. The management of relocating employees can often present the challenge of distance, language and culture. Also factors such as a new location, housing options, and the impact of temporary living have to be integrated into the decision process, with cost being only one component.