Educational Advice – Identifying the Options

For a family relocating due to their employment, the educational needs of their children are the main priority when selecting the area to live. At Premier Corporate Relocation Services we understand the importance of education and have advised many clients on the options available to them and their children. Our employee school guidance service as always is professional, discreet and of the highest quality.

After discussions with prospective assignees we will be able to understand the educational requirements for their family. With this information we will search the designated area(s) for the relocation, finding all the potential educational establishments and options available.

Educational Advice – Sorting the Options

Using our years of experience in the relocation field we will look through the options we have identified as possibilities for the families educational needs. We offer totally independent research, visits to schools, researching the reviews and provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist your employees choose and secure the ideal school for their child or children.

Educational Advice – Proposing the Options

Once all the sifting is complete we will offer the assignee a list of suitable educational providers that meet their requirements and standards. We will also ensure that we provide any relevant information that we have been able to learn during our research for the best available educational experience for their children. This will normally lead to us recommending certain schools in our proposal over others and giving our reasons.