Familiarisation or Employee Orientation Tour

Moving home can be a challenge for most people. For corporate clients this often includes a change of job as well as moving to a new location or even an international assignment.

Our familiarisation / employee orientation tour is personalised, taking into consideration any special requirements and interests.

We ensure the tour gives an employee and their family an insight into new surroundings enhancing their understanding, confidence and knowledge, whilst at the same time taking into consideration any necessary restraints of client policy relating to commuting to a new work location.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Using our Familiarisation Service means that employees and in some circumstances their families can discover all they need to know about their new surroundings prior to their move. Familiarisation tours not only assist employees to focus on suitable locations but it often avoids costly consequences in terms of decision making and allows the employee to concentrate on their new company position.

Saving HR Time

Using our familiarisation service means that someone from within the HR Department does not need to take time-out to settle in new assignees, or answer lots of questions about an area they may not be familiar with. Any orientation will be geared and adapted to meet an individual needs and requirements. You are showing them that you as an employer care about their well-being outside of the work place, an important and vital factor in their happiness.