Take the stress out of moving to Britain

Moving to UK, or any new country, is an exciting yet high-risk decision. For most of us, it’s hard enough selecting a holiday home from a brochure, let alone a new, permanent home for you and your family. There are so many unknown factors. Having a local Consultant that you can trust is imperative to ensure the right start for your employees when moving to Britain.

Premier Corporate Relocation Services offers a thorough, sensitive and, perhaps most importantly, reliable service to help you or your employees move to Britain with confidence. You need to be safe in the knowledge that you or your employees will arrive in the country and settle in quickly and easily, ready to begin their new lives. Here’s how a Relocation Consultant can take the stress out of moving to Britain, and this is how we do it at Premier Corporate Relocation Services.

Accurate Search Brief

Your Relocation Consultant will find out the exact needs and aspirations of your employees who are moving to Britain. From the type of home, to transport links and local schools, every requirement will be taken into consideration.

Failsafe Shortlist

A thorough search will then take place in the location area, and a shortlist will be drawn up. Your Relocation Consultant can then visit the properties for you and compile a detailed report – based on our experience and knowledge of the area and the property market.

Language Preparation

There’s plenty to think about and plan when moving to UK, not least the question of language. A good Relocation Consultant will talk with your employees, and either reassure them that their English is good enough to make the move smoothly, or recommend a course of action if it is in need of improvement.


Premier Corporate Relocation Services ensures that all aspects of communication are covered with the assignee and their family, from transport networks and commuting options to Broadband and Satellite TV. We aim to alleviate the stress caused when dealing with the bureaucracy of form filling and tackling the “red tape” often associated with a relocation such as internet access, mobile phone network providers, parking permits and council services.

Sensitive solutions

Another worry when moving to Britain can be cultural differences. This is something Premier Corporate Relocation Services is well aware of, based on over 18 years of managing international relocations. Your Relocation Consultant will handle cultural differences in a professional and sensitive manner, and ensure you and your employees are involved at every stage, ready for a successful move.