Premier Corporate Relocation Services is an independent, privately owned company specialising in delivering a fully integrated relocation service within the UK. We are an independent company with 25 years experience and provide a comprehensive 'start to finish' service, and, importantly, our independence is fundamental to the quality and integrity of the service we offer.

The profiles of our principle directors are below:

Barbara Sellers

Barbara Sellers, Director

Barbara heads up the Corporate Relocation Sector of the business and over the last 25 years has overseen thousands of relocation assignments to the UK, ensuring the employee and their family have a smooth and stress free relocation.

Working closely with HR and sourcing departments of some major corporations, Barbara ensures they are provided with information to keep relocation policies updated which is another key element for both employer and employee.

Barbara's great passion is providing professional, personal service to the employee and their family.

"Your quickness and effectiveness are astounding! Thank you so much!"
Tatiani Preifelt

"Thank you very much Barbara! I have been struggling with Vodafone for the past week and have not been responsive to non-work emails. I apologise deeply because this was the one thing I was looking forward to and you delivered it even before what you have promised. Grateful for your support throughout this process, that I managed to overstress myself with!"
Selenga Gizem Akiner

Mobile: +44 (0)7770 815325
Email: [email protected]

Nigel Sellers

Nigel Sellers, Director

Nigel is a skilled property buying agent and negotiator with a strong track record of finding and securing off-market properties through his extensive network of contacts.

"He was bold about taking us to see the house, we ended up buying. It was not immediately obvious that it was the right property but he helped us to understand the potential and the loveliness of the village. Nigel was superb through the negotiations - always cool and wise. I am not confident the deal would have worked without his input."
Adam and Tabitha Jay

"Without you we would never have even known about, let alone secured, what is undoubtedly a unique opportunity for us. It is exactly what we wanted and exactly where we wanted it to be. How you managed to persuade the selling agent and eventually the owner into selling it is still a mystery to us, particularly as the property was not on the open market. We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the quality of service, the level of responsiveness, attention to detail and the proficient, considered and thorough advice you offered throughout the negotiations. But above all this, you have been quite simply a pleasure to deal with and we will not hesitate to recommend your services to all of our friends and family."
John and Claudia Arney

Mobile: +44 (0)7850 587606
Email: [email protected]