Temporary Accommodation

Premier Corporate Relocation Services can arrange temporary accommodation for assignees for the initial period after their arrival in the UK. This can also be used for those coming to the UK on training programs or short term International assignments.

Immigration, Financial and Healthcare Paperwork

We can provide advice on visa and work permit applications, how to set up a UK bank account and how to register with the local doctor.

Airport Collection

We can organise for the assignee to be picked up at the airport by a reputable chauffeur company.

Removal Companies

Premier Corporate Relocation Services can manage the whole process of co-ordinating and booking a reputable removal company which provides leading industry standards and competitive rates specialising in International moving services if required.

Rental Furniture

Sometimes families relocating find there will be a time delay in their possessions arriving in the UK, we can obtain estimates for rental furniture, facilitate the booking, co-ordinate the delivery and collection.

Personal Tenancy Management

Premier Corporate Relocation Services can provide tenancy support, liaising and co-ordinating the whole process plus settling in.

Residential Sales and Marketing Advice

We can advise on every aspect of the marketing and sale of a property, including strategy, agent selection, co-ordination of the whole process to manage the sales process.

Area Price Differential

Premier Corporate Relocation Services provides an accurate market based comparison taking into consideration the current market value of the Employees existing home with similar properties in the new area for Relocation.

Policy Review

It is important to ensure your company policy is fully up to date, this will tighten cost control and provide effective and efficient Relocation Solutions.